SNArticle TitleAdded Date
1 Jailed Journalist Continues Hunger Strike amid Deteriorating Health8/13/2016
2 Iran recruits increasing number of Afghan migrants to fight in Syria 7/29/2016
3 Islamic Programs to Make us Submissive before Divine Orders7/14/2016
4 Shiite militias force civilians to curse Mothers of the believers7/14/2016
5 Shaikh Ab. Hamid Decries Attacks on KSA7/14/2016
6 Kashmiris decry world's silence over killings7/14/2016
7 Israel approves millions for West Bank settlements7/14/2016
8 Sunni Muslims banned from holding own Eid prayers in Tehran7/14/2016
9 Almost 50 killed in Syria by Russian air strikes7/14/2016
10 Civilians killed in air strikes on Syria's Raqqa city6/23/2016
11 Nearly 200 refugees die of starvation' in Nigeria camp6/23/2016
12 Fallujah civilians: Militias take turns to torture us6/17/2016
13 Saudi and 58 other states urge UN for action on Syria6/16/2016
14 Sunnis should Establish Prayers without Any Fear6/16/2016
15 Muslims begin fasting for month of Ramadan on Monday6/6/2016
16 Sudais blames Iran for politicizing Haj6/3/2016
17 Islamic scholars around the world stand by the Kingdom against Iran’s actions6/3/2016
18 How Fasting Was Prescribed6/2/2016
19 The Immeasurable Importance of Fasting6/2/2016
20 Muslim group sues U.S. firm for religious discrimination 6/1/2016
21 Iraqi army push into Falluja as fresh bombings hit Baghdad5/30/2016
22 54 muslim militants killed in Philipines5/30/2016
23 6 policemen killed, 11 wounded in Helmand firefight5/30/2016
24 No handshake exemption for Muslim students5/25/2016
25 Afghan Taliban picks Mullah Akhundzada as new leader 5/25/2016
26 Thirteen Baghlan Mine Victims Buried5/20/2016
27 Daesh commander guns down 11 associates in eastern Afghanistan5/20/2016
28 Three hacked to death as gang storms into Masjid5/20/2016
29 Woman attempted to set fire to Oslo mosque5/20/2016
30 Egyptian navy finds EgyptAir wreckage5/20/2016
31 Dozens killed in bombings in Iraq's Baghdad5/17/2016
32 Gulf states denounced Iran’s move to block pilgrimage5/16/2016
33 25 Palestinian kids killed, 1,300 wounded in 3 months5/16/2016
34 Tajikistan Islamist leaders face life in prison5/16/2016
35 Russian editors quit after stories about Putin family5/14/2016
36 Hezbollah's top commander killed5/13/2016
37 Bangladesh executes Motiur Rahman Nizami for war crimes5/11/2016
38 With no evidence Delhi police tagged 10 innocents as Terrorist5/10/2016
39 Jewish settlers seize E Jerusalem building5/10/2016
40 Members of Iran's elite force killed in Syria clashes5/8/2016
41 Dozens killed in air strike on refugee camp near Idlib5/6/2016
42 Palestinian woman killed in Israeli air strike on Gaza5/6/2016
43 Bangladesh's Motiur Rahman Nizami to hang5/6/2016
44 Iran to grant citizenship to families of foreigners perished in Syria 5/2/2016
45 Aleppo onslaught continues as US demands end to strikes5/1/2016
46 Afghanistan's refugees: Dying for a better life5/1/2016
47 Girl embraces Islam during Dr. Zakir Naik’s lecture5/1/2016
48 Palestinian pregnant woman was killed by Israeli soldiers4/29/2016
49 Taliban’s delegation to discuss refugees, prisoners issues with Pakistan4/28/2016
50 Hospital hit in Syria as UN warns talks unravelling4/28/2016
51 Bulgarian town bans women from wearing full-face veils 4/28/2016
52 Israel army kills Palestinian siblings in 'attack'4/28/2016
53 Civilians killed as air strikes pound Aleppo4/23/2016
54 11 schoolgirls suffer effects of teargas inhalation in Hebron4/20/2016
55 Crimean Tatar Religious leader lashes out at Russian ban4/20/2016
56 Kabul hit by deadly explosions on Tuesday4/19/2016
57 Hundreds attend Hebron funeral for slain Palestinian4/17/2016
58 Powerful earthquake kills 77 in Ecuador4/17/2016
59 3 Afghans gunned down, 2 wounded by Iranian border guards4/11/2016
60 More than 100 dead in Indian temple blaze4/10/2016
61 Missiles hit Kabul after John Kerry visit4/10/2016
62 Ahle Sunnah in besieged Fallujah face starvation 4/9/2016
63 1900 Palestinian minors arrested by Israelis since Oct4/7/2016
64 New Myanmar minister scolded over 'anti Muslim' comment4/3/2016
65 Iranian commander killed in Syria4/3/2016
66 Another Sunni cleric shot dead in Iran4/3/2016
67 Situation of Sunni Prisoners in Rajaei Shahr Prison4/3/2016
68 Israel arrests 1,200 unauthorized Palestinian workers3/23/2016
69 Hamas stages military exercises to test ‘Gaza’s readiness’3/23/2016
70 How has Iran’s role in the five-year Syria conflict evolved?3/23/2016
71 Two Muslims hanged to death in eastern India3/20/2016
72 Gulf Arab States Condemn the Continuing Human Rights Violations Against the Rohingya3/16/2016
73 A Berlin university has closed its Muslim prayer room3/12/2016
74 Israel arrests 250 Palestinian workers in fresh crackdown3/12/2016
75 65 policemen disappear in Uruzgan province of Afghanistan3/12/2016
76 Arab Ministerial Quarter Committee denounces Iranian interference in Arab affairs3/12/2016
77 Arab League brands Hezbollah ‘terror’ group3/12/2016
78 2 Halal Food Execs Sentenced Following Export Fraud3/12/2016
79 4 Shot at Muslim Cemetery in Canada3/12/2016
80 Policeman among 8 killed in militant attack on Greshk district3/9/2016
81 Bangladesh upholds death penalty for Islamic leader3/9/2016
82 Explosion at Pakistani Court Compound Kills Over a Dozen3/7/2016
83 Clash at Military Barracks Near Tunisia-Libya Border3/7/2016
84 U.S. Conferred With Iran Before Iraq Invasion3/7/2016
85 There will be no more Kisra3/6/2016
86 Pakistani media outlets attacked for ignoring execution3/6/2016
87 2 Turks, 1 Afghan killed in Kabul shooting attack3/6/2016
88 Taliban reject participating in talks with govt.3/6/2016
89 Israeli forces shoot dead Palestinian woman in West Bank3/4/2016
90 Government troops trick trapped families in Ramadi to abduct their children 3/2/2016
91 Gulf states declare Hezbollah a 'terrorist' group3/2/2016
92 Saudi preacher injured after gun attack in Philippines3/1/2016
93 Pakistan hangs Mumtaz Qadri2/29/2016
94 Russia resumes airstrikes on Syria2/29/2016
95 Iran executed all adult men in one village2/27/2016
96 A Sunni cleric decries ban on Sunnis’ Eid prayers in Tehran10/22/2013
97 No news from seven sentenced to execution Sunni prisoners’ location10/22/2013
98 Sunni Muslims in Tehran were prevented to held Eid Al-Adha prayer10/22/2013
99 Afghan special forces commander defects with guns to Hezb-e-Islami10/21/2013
100 Afghan militants attack Kabul international compound10/18/2013