The Creed of Tawheed between the Inquirer and the Responder = Part 1
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The Creed of Tawheed

between the Inquirer and the Responder = Part 1

by: Dr. Ibraheem al- Khudhairi

 I begin with the name of Allah, the Source of mercy, the Mercifu.

Q. Why has Allah, the Exalted, created us what is the proof?

A. Allah has created us to worship Him. The proof of this is His words:

و ما خلقت الجن و الإنس إلا ليعبدون

"I have created jinn and men only to worship Me." " To worship Me means, to command them do certain things and forbid them do certain things.

Q. What is Shari'ah, and what are its main characteristics?

A. It is the way that Allah has designated as a deen for His Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and his Ummah.

The main characteristics of the Islamic Shari'ah

1- It is revealed by Allah who says: "Then We set you on a Shari'ah then follow it, and do not follow the whims of those who do not know". And: "And Allah is Merciful of His slaves". That is, He Knows what is good for them.

2. Islam is complete and universal:

Allah says: This day I have completed your deen for you and perfected My favor upon you and accept Islam as a deen for you". And : "And your Rubb is never oblivious". This Shari'ah deals with every aspect of life and provides, humanity with all means of happiness in both worlds.

3- It is suitable for every place and age. Every day we see the worlds adopts from the Shari'ah what amends its affairs. It is enough that intellectuals acknowledge its excellence. The Shari'ah  itself is the witness and the testified for, the argument and the argued for, and the light and the proof. It is the greatest grace that Allah grants His believing slaves. He says: " Verily, Allah has conferred a favor on the believers by raising for them a Messenger from among themselves who recites to them His ayaat, (Qur'anic sentences) and purifies them and  the Sunnah; and before that they were in manifest error.

4- It ensures security:

That is why the more a person knows about Islam, the more he respects, reveres and adheres to it and becomes more anxious to preach it. Those who adhere to it lead a pleasant life and are content with it.

          Islam ensures: Psychological stability: "Verily, hearts find tranquility in the remembrance of Allah".

Social security: "And there is life for you, o people of intellects, in the (law of) retaliatory punishment that you may enjoy security".

5- Safety from Fire on the Day of Resurrection: "Those who believe and do not defect their faith with polytheism; it is they who will enjoy security, and who are the rightly guided.

6- Enjoying permanent happiness:

Every human searches for happiness and looks for satisfaction: "As for those who will be fortunate, they will live in Junnah as long as the heavens and the earth exist". "O you who believe! If you fear Allah, He will set for you a criterion, efface your sins and forgive you". Every intelligent person seeks happiness and will certainly find it in upholding the purified Islamic Shari'ah".


To be continued..


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